Wilkerson LPA Fights For You

Wilkerson LPA takes a “for the people” approach to the practice of personal injury law, finding justice for clients who are hurt. Offering tough, aggressive representation for the injured party, our experienced  and highly educated attorneys apply their knowledge and skills to help those who have been injured by others.

Representing insurance companies for many years before beginning our law practice, we know from first hand-experience, how difficult it can be to fight for your rights alone. Oftentimes, claims and payouts are like a game, but we understand that your injuries are personal. While representing your individual case, we don’t fight just to fight, but assert your rights so that the resolution (whether before or after trial) is fair.

Uniquely qualified to handle the most difficult cases, we treat every case like it could go to court, analyzing complex matters and identifying issues to produce an effective solution. Whether you have been in a car accident, or have any other personal injury, having a lawyer to advocate for you is extremely important. Dedicated to fighting for what is just, our meticulous attention to detail qualifies us to meet our clients’ needs in a prompt and professional manner.

About Ernest Wilkerson Jr.

Ernest Wilkerson is the managing partner of Wilkerson LPA. He completed his BA at Northwestern and earned his Juris Doctorate degree from University of Pennsylvania Law School. He has served on several boards and commissions, including being on the Cleveland State University Board of Trustees.

Wilkerson founded Wilkerson LPA when he decided to quit working for the insurance companies and start working for injured people instead. With a background that differs from many other attorneys, Mr. Wilkerson is uniquely qualified to analyze complex legal matters, identify contentious issues, and provide reasonable solutions, while giving his clients insight and knowledge that many others simply do not have. Many of our professionals have experience as editors of legal publications or leaders of litigation teams. This specialized background acts in our clients’ favor when bringing their cases to court, fully and energetically meeting our client’s needs. If you need a lawyer, call Wilkerson LPA today.