The warmer weather gives rise to longer days, outdoor activities, and, unfortunately, an increase in certain personal injury accidents. Being aware that certain dangers may arise in the summer can help you plan to be safe and take precautions. The summer should be a time of pools, backyard barbecues, and bike rides, not injuries. Read on to find out what to watch for in the summer months to avoid any accidents.


With the rising temperatures, pools and lakes become the natural summer hangout spots. A great way to escape the heat, swimming and splashing are classic pastimes that can offer adults and children hours of fun. However, they also pose a danger of drowning that should not be taken lightly. Someone can drown in a matter of minutes, and young children are particularly susceptible to finding themselves in a deep area where they can’t stand. Be constantly vigilant near the water, have weak swimmers wear life jackets, and treat the water as a fun but potentially dangerous area. Whenever a drowning accident occurs, there will be investigations into whether it could have been prevented and what safety measures were in place. If you own a pool, you want to be sure you are taking all of the precautions you can to ensure that an accident doesn’t take place on your property.

Car Accidents

People are on vacation, kids are out of school, and roadways are generally more congested during the summer months. Teens are out of school, and an increased number of these inexperienced drivers are out on the road. There can be road construction that obscures a driver’s view, and there are more pedestrians to watch for. The hot summer temperatures can also lead to vehicles breaking down, and being stranded on the side of the road creates another chance for an accident. Drunk driving and distracted driving are on the rise, and the summertime months allow for longer days and more potential for driving accidents.  Always make sure you are wearing your seatbelt, that you never text while driving, and that you drive in the summer with extra awareness.

Motorcycle Accidents

Even more than car accidents, the incidence of motorcycle injuries skyrockets in the summer months. The warmer weather and roads clear of ice and snow mean that many people are pulling their motorcycles out to enjoy a ride. If you get into an accident while on a motorcycle, you are much more likely to be seriously injured than if you were in a car. If you will be driving your motorcycle this summer make sure you are wearing the appropriate safety gear, and never drive without a helmet. You also need to be aware that other drivers cannot see you as easily as a larger vehicle, and you need to be the one watching to avoid accidents. Drive defensively, and stay safe.


The Fourth of July just passed, and there was surely an increase in ER visits due to fireworks injuries. While fireworks and sparklers can be fun, they also pose a burn risk, and even cause death in extreme cases. Make sure you are careful when using fireworks, that children have supervision, and that you keep a bucket of water nearby to extinguish any potential fires.


As with swimming, the warm weather brings boats out on the water, and alcohol is often involved in boating excursions. Boating accidents often occur as a result of drinking, speeding, or being an inexperienced driver. Because boating accidents are almost always the fault of the driver, if you are taking a boat out this summer, make sure you are being responsible. Always have lifejackets, and first aid equipment on board. There are thousands of boating accidents every year, and in the summer months they are the most numerous.


Just as cars, boats, and motorcycles come out in greater numbers in the summer, so do bicycles. Biking on trails and bike-only paths presents an opportunity for injury from falling, especially if you are not wearing a helmet. When you are biking your helmet is usually your only protection against injury. Biking on a road busy with cars presents new dangers, and oftentimes drivers cannot see cyclists until it is too late. Take extra precautions when biking in the summer.


Grilling seems like a harmless activity, but there are injuries every summer that result from gas or charcoal grills. Both present the possibility of burns, and gas grills need to be treated carefully as the propane or natural gas are flammable and can lead to explosions. Children can inadvertently touch a hot grill, and toddlers are small enough to come in full contact with hot grill parts. Keep your grill attended, make sure the gas doesn’t leak, store flammable propane out of the sun, and make sure a hot grill cools off before you leave it.

Lawn Mowers

Some people love mowing their grass, others see it as a necessary evil, but this summertime maintenance can cause injury. Every year 80,000 Americans are injured in lawn mower accidents! The majority of these accidents occur when the mower strikes a rock or other object that is thrown up and strikes the operator. Accidents can also occur when there is a malfunction with the lawn mower equipment. Make sure that your lawn mower is in good condition, and that you are wearing long clothing and shoes, and protect your ears from the loud noises the lawn mower creates.


Kids want to get out and play in the warm weather, so summertime sees an increase in trips to the playground. While playgrounds can be fun, they can also pose fall risks and other dangers. Always supervise your children and make sure they are on equipment that is appropriate for their age. Public playgrounds should be maintained, but as the parent you want to inspect the equipment to ensure it is in good condition.

The summertime brings so many opportunities for fun and relaxation, but there are certain hazards that you should watch out for. If you have been involved in a summertime personal injury accident in Cleveland or Akron and need a lawyer to advocate for you, Wilkerson for the People is here for you! Wrongful injuries or even deaths occur every day, and you need someone to advocate for YOU! Call us today to get started.