Wilkerson LPA

Ernest Wilkerson, Jr. is the managing partner of Wilkerson LPA. He completed his BA at Northwestern and earned his Juris Doctorate degree from University of Pennsylvania Law School. It was here where he also served as was an editor of the Law Review. He started Wilkerson for the People in Cleveland when he chose to quit working for the insurance companies and to start working for the people. Due to this background, Mr. Wilkerson is uniquely qualified to analyze complex legal matters, identify contentious issues and provide reasonable solutions. Many of our professionals have experience as editors of legal publications or leaders of litigation teams. This specialized background has sharpened our knowledge, enhanced our teams’ leadership skills and increased our meticulous attention to detail. We can fully and energetically meet any of our client’s needs because of our unique qualities and broad range of abilities. Our team of lawyers would love to help you today.